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Do you feel you are doing everything right and just can't get that number on the scale to move??
 When you are trying to lose weight, it is easy to go directly to a calorie deficit diet, step up your training routine, and stay away from all the packaged processed junk food out there; but sometimes that is just not enough.
 So what are you missing?
The acidity level in your body could be to blame! Balancing out your bodies pH level is a huge factor if you want to lose weight. When your pH leans more acidic, it can be nearly impossible for the cells to burn fat, which can make even the best weight loss efforts worthless.
A normal blood pH is between 7.35 and 7.45, which is a little more alkaline than pure water is. Any food that you eat or drink can cause your pH to go towards either acidic or alkaline. Your body does it's best to keep pH balanced by excreting excess acid, but if you are constantly consuming foods that cause acid to form, it makes it very hard for the body to get rid of the excess. 

Any acid that cannot be excreted from the body gets stored in the body’s fat cells. When this happens, acid waste disables enzyme reactions, changes the process of metabolism and you stop losing weight.
How do you prevent this from happening?
The best and easiest way to reduce acidity and balance out your pH level is through diet! Once you rid your body of excess acidity, your metabolism starts working correctly, your hormones balance out, and now those calorie deficit meal plans and increase activity level will finally start giving you the results you were looking for.
The SNAP Flush plan is designed just for that. It is broken down into 5 phases in a short 18 day period to reduce acidity, create a more alkaline environment, and help you start reaching your goals faster! 

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